Hot New Tabu Pictures

Tabu continues to play hide and seek lately with lately us have a look at her gorgeous smoking hot body. But we do get a few glimpses here and there of her toned arms and fit body. Her calves are all she is willing to reveal nowadays about her legs and they seem to be in great shape, large and strong as ever.


37112015_419392235213823_7605147162812350464_n50517569_350163012485491_1133129067767293275_ntabu-1-1280x19200548d-e2f0a02001dacae9df75e2d477e815b0Tabu spotted at Soho House juhu on 17th Jan 2019 shown to user

Tabu did a glamorous shot in the recent promotion for Andha Dhun. The first look we have had at her legs in months. She is smoking hot here!

8310e1e1199471330518e81563bca41fMumbai: Actress Tabu during a media interaction to promote her upcoming film "Andhadhun" in Mumbai on Sept 20, 2018. (Photo: IANS)Tabu Promotes AndhadhunTabu And Ayushmann Khurrana Promote Andhadhun3b429e728f8bfec2a6e989f5cf029de6Tabu Promotes Andhadhuna29b509217cbd34688a38e8318b63594



The below is a high res massive pic and you can see Tabu at close quarters. You can almost see the famous mole, but not quite.

Tabu Promotes Andhadhun


Tabu And Ayushmann Khurrana Promote Andhadhun

Tabu Promotes Andhadhun

Tabu at a fashion ramp walk in a drop dead gorgeous saree and looks. You can see the fine tone of her arms, her body is just as young and supple as ever. Now, Tabu why dopn’t you bless us with some miniskirt clad appearances or a sitting pose wit the skirt riding up high like you did with Nagarjuna many years ago?


Tabu over the Years

Tabu for me was a late discovery. Although I first saw her in 1995 in the movie with Ajay Devgun, at first I did not pay much attention to her. She seemed gawky, obese and baby faced. The only thing that I remembered from then was her massive upper legs and hips. However, they were not shapely or attractive  but rather oddball and weird.

I did not notice Tabu a she matured from a 22 year ol at the time as she entered the Telugu industry, starring opposite Nagarjuna in several movies. Tabu film industry  teaches a thing or two to actresses about how to appear sexy and project the body to be hugely attractive to audiences. Tabu was a slow learner in this journey, she is more thoughtful type than the glamorous and flamboyant type. But Tabu is intelligent and learned about the importance of beauty and glamour to an actress. She learned at the hands of the best directors and cameramen, who with their razor sharp vision, could understand what parts of Tabu’s body to project and what to reserve.

Tabu understood that while she is blessed to have a tall body with a large frame, she should tame it and tone it to be attractive. If she did, she could captivate audiences with the larger than life screen presence. She was made to watch the glamour outs dances and rain songs of the most sexy Telugu actresses ever – Sridevi, Silk Smitha, Radha, Bhanupriya, Shobhana and Madhavi. She saw Radha blossom in a matter of months from an innocent teenager to a sex bomb under the expert guidance if K Raghavendra Rao. She watched the rebirth of Silk Sumithra from a bumbling Cabernet dancer to a svelte, sexy and sophisticated siren in her second coming in Jeeva in 1986.

When Tabu came back to Bollywood, Tabu was changed. She was confident in her beauty now, a shade arrogant even. She was oozing glamour, she had shaped and toned her body and knew exactly what was amazing and irresistible about it.

Telugu movie industry thought Tabu to feel proud of her body and not embarrassed. It said it her – don’t feel awkward about her large hips and thighs, instead tame them, tone them and hen accentuate and flaunt them. It thought her how unique her midriff was how rare her flat and taut belly was, how amazing it was that her belly button was like a tight and sleek knot even though her body was so large. Most of all, they spread amazement at Tabu’s bosom. Her breasts were so large yet so rounded and firm. Thy heaved relentlessly against the tight and taut fabrics the industry made her wear to accentuate their size, curvature, fitness, tautness, firmness and upright nature. They made her wear crispy silk blouses with ultr-thin bra materials to rub her nipples and tickle them, make them push through the fabric and as she moved and danced. They would have make up ladies resetting the blouse every few minutes in the process, surreptitiously pushing the breasts and exciting Tabu to make her tits seem even larger in the erotic scenes.

Recent pictures







The Best Pictures of Tabu

Before you read the rest of this blog, here is an appetizer – the best pictures enshrining the tremendous body and facial beauty of Tabu!

TABU the greatest

TABU the greatest


Tab trying hard to hide her panties – the skirt is too small for her massive legs and thighs


Tabu at the Launch of Nizam by Nakshatra World on 30th July 2017 shown to user

Tabu at the Launch of Nizam by Nakshatra World on 30th July 2017 shown to user

TABU IN NINNE PELLADATHA – Young Tabu exposing a lot

Tabu has been very careful and selective in exposing her god given gift – her breathtaking bountiful body. If anyone can persuade an aspiring heroine to expose a lot, it has to be the Telugu producers and Directors. They made the young and gullible Tabu, when she was still in her early 20s, bare her body like she has never done again since. Take a look at the below amazing pictures of a 22 year old Tabu. Her well built body, amazing shape, flat belly, massive thighs, muscular calves, large and lovely upper arms are all in evidence here through fleeting shots of the wonder woman.



She does a couple of shots in a sarong lying down, exposing her heavenly thighs.



The final shot is one of the greatest ones of Tabu ever, showing her full magnificence:




Tabu the thoughtful

I read an interview of Tabu recently in the Hindu. In this interview, she speaks at length about subjects outside of the film industry, her love for travel, her anthropological interest in observing people, her need for introspection and thought, above all time for herself.

She exhibits many of the classic attributes of an introvert. Introverts generally draw their energy from their own inner selves rather than from others. Extroverts love to engage with other people and draw their energy from these interactions.

Introverts on the other hand, get increased stress levels from intense social interactions and have to find time for themselves, where they an relax, pursue their own mental interests including idle curiocity, exploring an idea or learning about something new and irrelevant. They love to return to journeys of their mind that are left unfinished, pick up the loose threads and progress a bit while not necessarily drawing to a conclusion or action.

Tabu is such an amazing artiste because she observes and reflects on the details, how people think and behave and how emotions are expressed. She likes the art of the story and intrigued by the exotic and unconventional. For Tabu, nothing is Taboo.

One cannot help but fall for such a woamn who is far from convention, full of contradictions, light hearted and buoyant, always beautiful and young. She will remain young and beautiful for long, such is the poetry and happiness in her soul.

Tabu – Going Strong

Nowadays, it is hard to see Tabu revealing much of her gorgeous body. we mortals have to live with the past glorious images of this goddess. She still appears often in gorgeous dresses that allow us to appreciate her wholesome beauty while feeling the pain and longing that comes from not being able to feast our eyes on her voluptuous large body.



Above image shows two ageless beauties who reigned in Bollywood from the early 90s. Shilpa Shetty started even 2-3 years before Tabu with Baazigar. While Tabu has managed to remain young and gorgeous, Shilpa is truly a marvel who looks younger each day. She is 1970 born and Tabu is 72 born. At 47 years, Shilpa looks not a day oler than 28 and at 45 years, Tabu looks about 33-34.

Some recycled Oldies

Must start with the below one for those new to Tabu – it will enlighten you as to why Tabu fanship is a religion. Tabu is going too conservative these days and will not even let us have a peek at her stunning back, her incredible calves, her massive and breathtaking thighs, her taut and shapely stomach, and her large melon-like firm boobs.



Related image

Tabu the body beautiful making a comeback?


After months of going into hiding Tabu’s figure and curves are again visible in a photo she posted on twitter last week. This photo shows her wearing a pair of tight jeans that hug her massive thighs. Their physical tone and health seems awesome, see the fabric stretching against the flesh. The line of the left thigh is just perfect rainbow and one can see the bottom part of the ass being hugged by the jean. You can also see the strngth of the right upper thigh, making a strong bulge outwards on the jeans. the ejans are really tight between hr legs almost uncomfortably so. Her loose upper dress is so young and bubbly, although it revels little of her upper body. Her arms seem healthier and the skin tauter than I had seen recently. Her face seems a little filled out which could just mean she is off diet and happy!

The photo rouses hopes in her fans that she would start to again appear at parties with some more revealing dresses. We beg you Tabu, give us more chances to feat our eyes on that incredible, unmatched and ageless body that god has bestowed on you!


Recently, Tabu was spotted agin wearing a pair of tight jeans at the Mom film screening. She looks smashing, needless to say. The jeans is torn, revealing a patch of smooth skin. She seems to have a tattoo in her arm as well.

Along with Sridevi, one of the ageless wonders who still looks sexy at 55, Tabu is another such wonder who seems to be getting younger by the day! Although she is 46, she does not look a day older than 35.

2018 Photos

In the movie Andha Dhun, Tabu appears to be returning to wear some glamorous and tight dresses. One shot has her wearing a shoulder less dress that reveals her shapely and large upper arms, tight and tones shoulder muscles and a fit overall look. She is also wearing a black matching tight pant. Cant wait to see more of Tabu in this.



Farah Naaz – Tabu’s big sister


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Farah was a very common actress in the 80s. I say common not popular – she appeared in second tier potboilers very regularly. None of her movies were great hits as far as I remember.

However, she shared her superior genes with Tabu. The same fair complexion, sharpo features, filled out yet not fat body, rich and lustrous complexion and skin tone, flat belly, large, rounded and firm breasts, large legs with massive thighs etc. One thing even more impressive was her large, round and firm ass.

Although Tabu hardly ever revealed her thighs probably due to her embarrassment at their gargantuan size, Farah has no such reservations. She used her milky, large, firm and toned thighs to her advantage in a number of moves. Below are some examples from the movie Rakhwala and others. Farah made no qualms about being an arty farty and purely focused on raking in the popularity and roles. She acted in umpteen movies and wore both a charming, sweet girl face as well as erotic roles and songs that focused on the splendind beauty of her large, firm and curvacous body and her stunning legs and large shapely thighs.



In the above movie, Farah Naaz tempts Anil to kiss her thighs by saying she got bitten by a snake, She intentionally rolls up her saree to reveal a lovely calf and goes further to reveal breathtakingly fleshy and sculpted thighs. One can see her thighs really thicken rapidly above her calf, with tight cuts of flesh curving outwards and upwards. Her genetic predesposition of persian and other mid eastern featuesof strength and rounded suppleness shine through.

In another film, sh falls all over Amir and reveals gently her calves and thighs.

fn1 fn2


fn1 fn2



Tabu in Andarivaadu


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Tabu enacts an incredibly sexy scene in the Telugu movie Andraivaadu.

A middle aged Chiru gets married to Tabu and his friends urge him never to have sex with her because he will become soft as a family man. The movie then enacts the various scenes through the night as Tabu tries to sleep and Chiru gets awoken by lust many times.

The first picture has Chiru smelling the malli flowers on Tabus hair and gazing with desire at the sleeping beauty. It shows Tabu’s lovely hair and her, the side profile of her face and her beautiful ear. Its most distinguishing feature is that the ear lobe is fused to the face, which is not a common Indian trait, definitely not a south Indian one. It is a genetic characteristic of her Pakistani/Muslim genetic makeup.


During the night, Chiru gets woken up and finds that Tabu’s saree has ridden up her legs. More importantly, she has her big left leg on top of him. The picture shows Tabu’s lrgae, shapely and strong calf. It must have felt really heavy on Chiru. Again, Tabu’s central asian genes give her a big and strong figure, with beautiful large legs that are perfectly proportioned, big and fleshy. The heavy build of her legs is evident in this picture.


Chiru then gazes over Tabu’s body taking in the sight of her flat belly, large and firm breasts and her cleavage. What a lucky fellow!


The wind blows Tabu’s saree over Chiru’s face and he is gripped with lust, Tabu wakes up ans sees him staring at her breasts. He hurriedly throws her saree back over her breasts and Tabu’s smiles gently happy at the strong attraction her body is creating in him. The scene reveals Tabu’s beautiful face and arms. Her fingers look long, elegant and royal. Another genetic characteristic that sets her apart are her palms and fingers. Her palm is large (unlike usual Indian Women, more like European women), her wrists are large, her fingers are long yet not thin, but larger and well proportioned. They are not stubby, they are feminine yet large.



As she gazes back at Chiru, we see the full profile of her torso. You can easily see the firmness of her midriff. There is not an iota of belly flesh hanging sideways as she lies on her side. This is an incredible thing. Most women will have a certain amount of stomach flesh bulge out or hang sideways when they are on their side. Only athletes or super fit women usually present a side profile with little overhang. Tabu’s belly is super flat and tight and you can see below that there is zero flesh coming out sideways. The only aspect visible is a slight cleft in the upper midriff that shows how fit her structure is. It is a combination of her high genes and her fitness that makes this possible.


That naughty smile again, you can also see her lovely right ear, also fused ear lobe as before.


The next scene shows a close cut view of her face, her sharp and chiseled features. Notice the long arched eyelashes and the wide bridge at the bottom of her forehead between the eye sockets. These are also uncommon traits in South India. The picture also shows her rosebud lips, in a perfect heart shape. The small dimples at the edges of her lips are a very unique feature. Her lips are large and eminently kissable. The director’s goal at this stage is to illustrate how hard the man must be finding to not be tempted by the extreme beauty and sex appeal of the woman and question how much longer he can hang on.


The last straw is a mouse that comes near Tabu making her scream and jump head on Chiru head down. The fisrt picture shows another stunning view of Tabu’s belly button as she heaves herself up from the bed. The pictures afterward show the sheer magnitude of Tabu’s body, the large torso, the big arms and the heavy back. I am sure Chiru must have felt the heft and heave and weight of her large breasts pressing against him as she did this.


The film then breaks into a song that emphasizes Tabu’s belly button above all else. There is a view of her big shapely back.





All in all, a highly recommended segment to watch for Tabu fans. See 4:45 to 6:05 in the below clip:


Tabu in Pandurangudu

Tabu plays an extraordinary role in Pandurangudu. She is the princess of a tribe in a distant land, her beauty is famed across the whole area. The hero arrives as a vagabond warrior.

The entrance scene is stunning. Tabu arrives in a love boat. There is a flurry of anticipation as the crow waits for the beauty to arrive. Her face is covered by a lace cloth, increasing the anticipation of the audience. The first glimpse of the woman is that of her big strong kegs as she jumps off the boat. The fleeting image shows a woman with very large yet shapely legs, wearing a sliver anklet. Her pick skirt is riding up her left leg, showing the base of what promises to be an enormous and thick thigh. Her left leg’s calf muscles are big and strong stretching and heaving with the weight of her body and the rapid and agile motion as she gets off the boat.


Capture 1

The next scene is that of her curvy midriff and flat belly with an elongated belly button. The tribal head swoons and falls unconscious on seeing Tabu’s beauty.


Cap 3

Subsequently, Tabu explains the supremacy of her body & beauty to all present, with a display of her magnificent leg, long and large nad toned and fair. She asks everyone to imageine how beautiful her body would be by extrapolating from her leg.

Cap 4


The hero takes on the villians present, in between throws his golden necklace at Tabu’s breasts. Her love for gold makes her swoon at this gesture, but the director also manages ot use the scene to show off Tabu’s large breasts and deep cleavage, also ensuring the famous and titillating mole on Tabu’s upper right breast is clearly visible.

Cap 5

Subsequent song and scenes make the most out of Tabu’s beautiful fit and large body, showing off her sculpted limbs, gleaming flesh, the tight proportions of her fit body and deep curves. The movie is a celebration of Tabu’s celestial beauty. she is adorned in ornaments throughout and her sexy body shines through each scene. Below are some examples:


The first one shows Tabu’s large perfectly spercical and incredibly firm breasts. They are being stretched and pressed by a tight silk blouse. It also shows Tabu’s fit and toned upper arms. The hero plants a flower first on her lips, then on her belly button and finally in between her breasts.


Cap 6

The second shows her deep and sensuous belly bottom set like a jewel on her curved and tight abdomen.

Cap 8

the last two show her enormous legs and her stunning upper arms.

Cap 9

cap 91

The move is aptly made by a group called a “Bellyful of entertainment’. The movie abounds in scenes where Tabu shows off her flat and supple belly. Her stomach is shown in various angles, accentuating its flatness.

A few more photos from this must watch movie for all Tabu fans.


Tabu the greatest!


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This blog will be about Tabu, one of the most sensational and ageless actresses in Bollywood today. This extraordinary woman was born as Tabassum Hashmi to Jamal Hashmi and Rizwana. She was born on November 4, 1971 in Kolkata.

She is extremely versatile for sure, has acted in a number of sensitive roles and continues to do so. However, this blog is not about her acting skills, it is about her body and beauty. In Kama Sutra, women are classified into sheep, deer and horse. This is based on their body type as much as about their sexuality. Sheep tend to be petite, short with small delicate bodies and light bones, Deer tend to have average height, bone mass and weight. Horses on the other hand, have large bone structures and heavy bodies, generally fleshy, with large hips and breasts. Tabu is an XL sized horse woman, She dwarfs every other woman in Bollywood. Deepika and Sushmita may be as tall as her, but they are both deers. They have lean bodies and long, flowing limbs. Tabu on the other hand is heavily built, she has broad shoulders, massive arms, enormous thighs and calves and mammoth hips. Her breasts are big and round. However, she has nil loose flesh or fat. Her belly is flat and tight, her calves are muscular and toned, her thighs, although very large, have no cellulite accumulation as seen in other larger and older women. Although Tabu is a Hyderabad native, there is no south Indian Genes in her. South Indians tend to be short, relatively dark in complexion, have gentle and rounded facial features and short toes. Tabu’s skin on the other hand, is a brilliant white, her build is very big boned and very European in structure (The actress with a build nearly as big as Tabu is only Katrina in India today). Her belly is amazingly flat and in fact, has a surface that is curved inwards, which is almost impossible trait to come across in one’s day to day life. This is in fact not even the common Indian trait. My guess is Tabu’s genes are a mix of Central European, Persian and Arabic in nature. These genetic traits have been probably well preserved by tight family and community norms on marriages outside caste and clan.

Tabu has a great body. For example, her legs, I think, are a class apart from a sheer mass, beauty, quality, quantity, shine, sheen, tone, muscle, fitness, sculpture, smoothness, glow and glory perspective. It is rare to find such legs in India. Generally, Indian women have thick thighs but these are built on a weak superstructure – thin bones, narrow calves and small feet.  But take a look at Tabu’s legs – the defining characteristic is a very big boned, broad lower calf. It is built to support a big-built body, extensive locomotion, large gains and losses of weight during the fertile and childbearing years, cold climates etc.  On this bone structure are built enormous calves with a firm and sculpted muscle tone and smooth shiny skin. The whole lower legs just stand out for their generous proportions,  beautiful and lavish contours, strikingly fair and shiny skin, rich finish, superb muscle tone, sense of balance, health, power and yet grace. Well legs are not the end of Tabu, she looks absolutely stunning at 42 years. A huge woman who has managed to stay  in the pink of shape, with lovely looks and superb femininity.

Tabu's fleshy calves

Skin Tone and Youth Tabu has fabulous skin tone for  42 year old. You can see the lines of her face and neck are taut like a late 20 something’s. So are her arms, nice and shapely, no sign of sagging skin,  her legs of course are at the top of form as evidenced earlier.

LOVELY BODY Besides the stunning legs and breasts, Tabu also has a stunning body. Full of flowing curves, tight corners and deep crevices.  Take a look at her tight and full body below, oozing with sensuality while at the same time toned, fit and taut.

Beauty Spots Tabu as a couple of beauty spots – one is a prominent mole on the upper part of her right breasts. One picture is shown below. The other one is you may see some videos at the Launch of Life of Pi that she shows it off.

Taut & Fit Body Tabu has an unusually taut and fit body for a 42 year old. Her stomach is flat and her curves are well defined and taut. Her breasts are large, globular, firm and outstanding. Her arms are long, large yet highly toned, her hips and butt are enormous and yet tight and well controlled. Her thighs and calves are breathtaking from another planet altogether!

BRA SIZE AND BODY DIMENSIONS  According to the following website Tabu has a perfect large pear body with measurements of 34-28-38. Incredible hip size, that is! Also, her bra size is 34D according to the same site! Also she is the heaviest of the Bollywood ladies I could find, at 63 Kilos. In comparison, Rakul Preet Singh has a bra size of 33C and Sridevi is 34B, according to this site. Highest I could find is 35C for Katrina Kaif and lowest is Kareena with 32A, although i would have expected Deepika to be the lowest. It seems the site is not accurate, since Kangana Ranaut who has substantial bosom was rated as 32B! The following picture shows a testimony to the incredibly wide hips Tabu has and her perfect pear body

Curves don’t lie Proof of the pudding when it comes to Tabu’s beauty and sexuality is that she openly discloses her body from  many angles with no hesitation, basking in confidence that every inch of her lovely body is perfect. Specially curious is the way she openly displays her belly. Even after all these years and with a large frame of her body, her belly is flat, even curved inwards if that is even possible.

Belly Button Tabu’s belly button is a poem of beauty. it is vertically oriented. It stats with a dimple on top, rather high on her midriff. Right below, there is a cleft of flesh shaped in a perfect semicircular arc that marks the top crown of her belly button. The cleft is narrow and tight and one would almost think it is so tight that it would rebound like the string of a guitar of it is stroked up and down withe finger. Right below is a dark hole, tightly held as though suspended from the by the top arc. The hole is shaped like a sector of a circle with a narrow angle. The curved side points up as though connected tightly to the arced cleft of flesh. The linear sides of the sector are so straight and end symmetrically in a point that is like an arrow head pointing downwards and continuing in a gentle line the seaports the left half of her stomach from the right.

Telegu movies know how to show off Tabu's body

Tabu’s Legs:

It is rare to find such legs in India. Generally, Indian women have thick thighs but these are built on a weak superstructure – thin bones, narrow calves and small feet.  But take a look at Tabu’s legs – the defining characteristic is a very big boned, broad lower calf. It is built to support a big-built body, extensive locomotion, large gains and losses of weight during the fertile and childbearing years, cold climates etc.  On this bone structure are built enormous calves with a firm and sculpted muscle tone and smooth shiny skin. The whole lower legs just stand out for their generous proportions,  beautiful and lavish contours, strikingly fair and shiny skin, rich finish, superb muscle tone, sense of balance, health, power and yet grace. Well legs are not the end of Tabu, she looks absolutely stunning at 41 years. A huge woman who has managed to stay  in the pink of shape, with lovely looks and superb femininity.


In Bollywood today, there is no one to beat Tabu for sheer mature sex appeal. It is a pity she does not get many more glamorous roles, Her screen presence is immense, her posture is youthful and energetic, her hourglass gigure has almost no equals, she has a dark and unpredictable side that makes drips with sex appeal, and she is willing to do what it takes for the role.


My dream role would be for Tabu to take on one of those 80s Masala movie with Female action heroine type of roles. Here is the plot, I hope some producer sees this and acts on this, I assure you, the audience will lap it up and plead for more: The films starts with a romantic angle where Tabu is in love with a policeman, there is a rain song where she drenches herself in a transparent blue saree showing off every bit of her figure and curves (Song 1). The policeman crosses paths with a bad don and the Don gets him killed. Tabu is furious at the death of her fiancee and wows revenge. She trains hard in martial arts with an action song that shows off her toned and lithe body (Song 2). She gets into the police force. A fellow policeman is drawn to her and has a wet dream song in which Tabu exposes her body again a lot (Song 3). She becomes a detective and goes undercover to hunt down her enemy. She gets to know that the Don’s accomplice visits a night club and she seduces this guy through a hot pole dance performance at the club and a private performance afterwards backstage (Song 4). In this song, she dresses in tight short figure hugging skirts and shorts that show off her beautiful legs and thighs. This way, she infiltrates the gang. She then impresses the don with a body show and bikini song at a swimming pool (Song 5). Once she gets the Don’s attention, she does a risky job for the down that involves seducing a politician through a mujra song and dance (Song 6). Once she is in Don’s good books, she slowly moves closer and one night, does a hot raunchy number in the Don’s bedroom and the Don falls for her (Song 7). The big diamond exchange where the Don trades drugs for Diamonds is set for New Year’s eve. The Don grows suspicious. Tabu does an item number at the end to hold the Don’s attention while the police arrive (Song 8). So totally, there will be 8 hot song and dance numbers focused on Tabu’s beauty and her sexy body. I cannot wait for this movie to be made. Producers, hurry up while Tabu is still so young, beautiful and sexy !!

A recently discovered photo of young tabu

The below photo looks at least 12 years old. Tabu looks very young there. Also quite inexperienced in how to wear and mini skirt and how to sit with it. The skirt is is doing a pathetic job of providing cover to Tabu’s massive thighs. It is also obvious she is not as fit as she is now. Her legs are not as tight and toned as they are now or even the classic tabu thighs photos with Nagarjuna on this blog.

Tabu’s armpit pictures

See how most cameramen are aiming at her legs:


If you do a close analysis of Tabu’s belly button, you will see there is a “double dip” There is the button itself, but right above it is a small dip/dimple in the skin that makes the whole area appear to have a double dips.Although rare women tend to lose this type of unique feature in the late 20s as they start putting layers of fat on their tummies, Tabu still has not lost this tummy dimple even after she is 43 years old. Truly outstanding! you can clearly see this below, look for the sharp dip/ cleft above the inverted C of her belly botton.


Breathtaking Beauty

End of the day, Tabu is a ravishing beauty who sets your heart on fire.

Tabu at Ekta Kapoor hosted Diwali 2014 party 1

Toning Down

Seems like Tabu is toning down a bit in 2016. Do not see her partying in many revealing dresses. Sorely missed are the views of her legs which she used to bless us periodically with. Please don’t become too serious Tabu, you are still very young and sexy and there is a lot that we still want to see of you.

Sharing the only recent picture of interest. Hopefully as the year goes by, she will start feeling confident and back to her sexy self.