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Well, after you have read some of the other stories in my blog, you may be looking for a sense of finality on who has the all-time top legs in Bollywood from a sheer top mass, beauty, quality, quantity, shine, sheen, tone, muscle, fitness, sculpture, smoothness, glow and glory perspective? Also, who has the most fleshy, massive and sculpted female body among all Bollywood girls? Take a look at the below pics – Need I say more?

It is rare to find such legs in India. Generally, Indian women have thick thighs but these are built on a weak superstructure – thin bones, narrow calves and small feet.  But take a look at Tabu’s legs – the defining characteristic is a very big boned, broad lower calf. It is built to support a big-built body, extensive locomotion, large gains and losses of weight during the fertile and childbearing years, cold climates etc.  On this bone structure are built enormous calves with a firm and sculpted muscle tone and smooth shiny skin. The whole lower legs just stand out for their generous proportions,  beautiful and lavish contours, strikingly fair and shiny skin, rich finish, superb muscle tone, sense of balance, health, power and yet grace. Well legs are not the end of Tabu, she looks absolutely stunning at 41 years. A huge woman who has managed to stay  in the pink of shape, with lovely looks and superb femininity.

Skin Tone and Youth Tabu has fabulous skin tone for  41 year old. Look at the picture below. You can see the lines of her face and neck are taut like a late 20 something’s. So are her arms, nice and shapely, no sign of sagging skin,  her legs of course are at the top of form as evidenced earlier. Also, take a look at her fingers below. Long and lady-like, but not also broad and fleshy, signifying a woman of great depth and wanting. A RECENT VIEW Take a look at this one….Tabu’s legs in full magnificence.  The fair taut skin, the broad and strong calves, the remarkably built thighs….treat for eyes. TABU BOMB Tabu threw a bomb that left men gasping a few years ago. Although many think it was inadvertent, I feel it as every bit intentional.  Just to remind everyone every organ of her body is still stunning and in a different league from the young nymphets of today! LOVELY BODY Besides the stunning legs and breasts, Tabu also has a stunning body. Full of flowing curves, tight corners and deep crevices.  Take a look at her tight and full body below, oozing with sensuality while at the same time toned, fit and taut. Here are some more breathtaking pictures of her eternally fit and sculpted body… tb2 Tabu as a couple of beauty spots – one is a prominent mole on the upper part of her right breasts. One picture is shown below. The other one is you may see some videos at the Launch of Life of Pi that she shows it ioff. Big strong legs…

Lucky old man, getting a close hug from Tabu towering over him…She seems to have genuine affection for him.. She seems to have a penchant to laze and stretch her body…a lot of photos in this pose. A picture of her smooth and luscious arms

Lucky Guy: Perfection is here:


Transparent skirts Tabu has a fascination for transparent skirts that show off her legs. Take a look below: Taut & Fit Body Tabu has an unusually taut and fit body for a 42 year old. Her stomach is flat and her curves are well defined and taut. Her breasts are large, globular, firm and outstanding. Her arms are long, large yet highly toned, her hips and butt are enormous and yet tight and well controlled. Her thighs and calves are breathtaking from another planet altogether! BRA SIZE AND BODY DIMENSIONS According to the following website Tabu has a perfect large pear body with measurements of 34-28-38. Incredible hip size, that is! Also, her bra size is 34D according to the same site! Also she is the heaviest of the Bollywood ladies I could find, at 63 Kilos. http://www.celebritysizes.com/?s=tabu In comparison, Rakul Preet Singh has a bra size of 33C and Sridevi is 34B, according to this site. Highest I could find is 35C for Katrina Kaif and lowest is Kareena with 32A, although i would have expected Deepika to be the lowest. It seems the site is not accurate, since Kangana Ranaut who has substantial bosom was rated as 32B! TABU VERSUS THE REST In Bollywood today, there is no one to beat Tabu for sheer mature sex appeal. It is a pity she does not get many more glamorous roles, Her screen presence is immense, her posture is youthful and energetic, her hourglass gigure has almost no equals, she has a dark and unpredictable side that makes drips with sex appeal, and she is willing to do what it takes for the role. MY DREAM – TABU is a NEW BOLLYWOOD MASALA MOVIES IN A SEXY ROLE My dream role would be for Tabu to take on one of those 80s Masala movie with Female action heroine type of roles. Here is the plot, I hope some producer sees this and acts on this, I assure you, the audience will lap it up and plead for more: The films starts with a romantic angle where Tabu is in love with a policeman, there is a rain song where she drenches herself in a transparent blue saree showing off every bit of her figure and curves (Song 1). The policeman crosses paths with a bad don and the Don gets him killed. Tabu is furious at the death of her fiancee and wows revenge. She trains hard in martial arts with an action song that shows off her toned and lithe body (Song 2). She gets into the police force. A fellow policeman is drawn to her and has a wet dream song in which Tabu exposes her body again a lot (Song 3). She becomes a detective and goes undercover to hunt down her enemy. She gets to know that the Don’s accomplice visits a night club and she seduces this guy through a hot pole dance performance at the club and a private performance afterwards backstage (Song 4). In this song, she dresses in tight short figure hugging skirts and shorts that show off her beautiful legs and thighs. This way, she infiltrates the gang. She then impresses the don with a body show and bikini song at a swimming pool (Song 5). Once she gets the Don’s attention, she does a risky job for the down that involves seducing a politician through a mujra song and dance (Song 6). Once she is in Don’s good books, she slowly moves closer and one night, does a hot raunchy number in the Don’s bedroom and the Don falls for her (Song 7). The big diamond exchange where the Don trades drugs for Diamonds is set for New Year’s eve. The Don grows suspicious. Tabu does an item number at the end to hold the Don’s attention while the police arrive (Song 8). So totally, there will be 8 hot song and dance numbers focused on Tabu’s beauty and her sexy body. I cannot wait for this movie to be made. Producers, hurry up while Tabu is still so young, beautiful and sexy !!

Tabu’s Love Life


Sensitive Tabu has always led her life and her career on her own terms. But when it came to love, she has been very unlucky. Blame it on her own indecisiveness or bad choices, Tabu’s off-screen conduct is in sharp contrast with her strong image in reel life. She could never really commit to Sajid Nadiadwala, the man she got involved with after her relationship with actor Sanjay Kapoor ended; ironically the next man in her life, married south actor Nagarjuna, ended because he couldn’t commit to her…
HER RELATIONSHIP WITH SAJIDThey Almost Get MarriedTabu found herself in a complex situation when she fell in love with producer Sajid Nadidadwala in the ’90s. The couple wasn’t forthcoming about their relationship initially because Sajid was still dealing with the loss of his first wife Divya Bharti and the nasty accusations that followed. He signed Tabu for his first home production Jeet and that’s when they got close. The actress, it’s said, once broke down in a radio interview when she was quizzed about her relationship with Sajid. However, a few weeks after that, the duo came out in the open about their affair.
The Divya Bharti FactorIn an interview early on in their relationship, Sajid mentioned that it was not love at first sight for them as it had been reported. On the contrary, they had gradually developed feelings for each other. Tabu was a close friend of Divya’s and the two would often meet up. Sajid insisted that their relationship started only after Divya’s death and he even suggested that Tabu had accepted his lingering feelings for his dead wife. If they ever got married, he added, she would have to deal with the fact that she was the second woman in his life. Tabu was fond of Sajid but she was not willing to play second fiddle to anyone, even if it was her late friend! It was during this time that she first met Nagarjuna on the sets of a film and things took off from there. Her growing closeness to Nagarjuna deeply upset Sajid and it was only a matter of time before they split. Sajid did become a little bitter but he never badmouthed her. Tabu however became a recluse, occasionally spending time with Nag.


Tabu gets full credit for her smoky sexuality in Drishyam. People are gasping to see her in a tight police dress. Notice her large and firm boobs high up on her chest, the absolutely flat stomach and her large lovely hips and ass.


She continues to show off her legs at various events:


Her face looks like she is 28 years old!


Take a look at those massive calves here:


Demure face, hot body!


Gul Panag -A close competitor

If there is another large and fit womanin India who can compete with Tabu, it is Gul Panag. Take a look at t he lucky dog who is massaging her thighs…

TABU’s flat tummy

Tabu has a large body and ladies with large bodies generally do not age well. they tend to develop a loose and sagging belly. Well Tabu is a major exception. Her stomach even at age 43 is taut and flat as seen below:

Some latest photos showing the beauty, grace and elegance of Tabu!