Tabu plays an extraordinary role in Pandurangudu. She is the princess of a tribe in a distant land, her beauty is famed across the whole area. The hero arrives as a vagabond warrior.

The entrance scene is stunning. Tabu arrives in a love boat. There is a flurry of anticipation as the crow waits for the beauty to arrive. Her face is covered by a lace cloth, increasing the anticipation of the audience. The first glimpse of the woman is that of her big strong kegs as she jumps off the boat. The fleeting image shows a woman with very large yet shapely legs, wearing a sliver anklet. Her pick skirt is riding up her left leg, showing the base of what promises to be an enormous and thick thigh. Her left leg’s calf muscles are big and strong stretching and heaving with the weight of her body and the rapid and agile motion as she gets off the boat.


Capture 1

The next scene is that of her curvy midriff and flat belly with an elongated belly button. The tribal head swoons and falls unconscious on seeing Tabu’s beauty.


Cap 3

Subsequently, Tabu explains the supremacy of her body & beauty to all present, with a display of her magnificent leg, long and large nad toned and fair. She asks everyone to imageine how beautiful her body would be by extrapolating from her leg.

Cap 4


The hero takes on the villians present, in between throws his golden necklace at Tabu’s breasts. Her love for gold makes her swoon at this gesture, but the director also manages ot use the scene to show off Tabu’s large breasts and deep cleavage, also ensuring the famous and titillating mole on Tabu’s upper right breast is clearly visible.

Cap 5

Subsequent song and scenes make the most out of Tabu’s beautiful fit and large body, showing off her sculpted limbs, gleaming flesh, the tight proportions of her fit body and deep curves. The movie is a celebration of Tabu’s celestial beauty. she is adorned in ornaments throughout and her sexy body shines through each scene. Below are some examples:


The first one shows Tabu’s large perfectly spercical and incredibly firm breasts. They are being stretched and pressed by a tight silk blouse. It also shows Tabu’s fit and toned upper arms. The hero plants a flower first on her lips, then on her belly button and finally in between her breasts.


Cap 6

The second shows her deep and sensuous belly bottom set like a jewel on her curved and tight abdomen.

Cap 8

the last two show her enormous legs and her stunning upper arms.

Cap 9

cap 91

The move is aptly made by a group called a “Bellyful of entertainment’. The movie abounds in scenes where Tabu shows off her flat and supple belly. Her stomach is shown in various angles, accentuating its flatness.

A few more photos from this must watch movie for all Tabu fans.