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Tabu enacts an incredibly sexy scene in the Telugu movie Andraivaadu.

A middle aged Chiru gets married to Tabu and his friends urge him never to have sex with her because he will become soft as a family man. The movie then enacts the various scenes through the night as Tabu tries to sleep and Chiru gets awoken by lust many times.

The first picture has Chiru smelling the malli flowers on Tabus hair and gazing with desire at the sleeping beauty. It shows Tabu’s lovely hair and her, the side profile of her face and her beautiful ear. Its most distinguishing feature is that the ear lobe is fused to the face, which is not a common Indian trait, definitely not a south Indian one. It is a genetic characteristic of her Pakistani/Muslim genetic makeup.


During the night, Chiru gets woken up and finds that Tabu’s saree has ridden up her legs. More importantly, she has her big left leg on top of him. The picture shows Tabu’s lrgae, shapely and strong calf. It must have felt really heavy on Chiru. Again, Tabu’s central asian genes give her a big and strong figure, with beautiful large legs that are perfectly proportioned, big and fleshy. The heavy build of her legs is evident in this picture.


Chiru then gazes over Tabu’s body taking in the sight of her flat belly, large and firm breasts and her cleavage. What a lucky fellow!


The wind blows Tabu’s saree over Chiru’s face and he is gripped with lust, Tabu wakes up ans sees him staring at her breasts. He hurriedly throws her saree back over her breasts and Tabu’s smiles gently happy at the strong attraction her body is creating in him. The scene reveals Tabu’s beautiful face and arms. Her fingers look long, elegant and royal. Another genetic characteristic that sets her apart are her palms and fingers. Her palm is large (unlike usual Indian Women, more like European women), her wrists are large, her fingers are long yet not thin, but larger and well proportioned. They are not stubby, they are feminine yet large.



As she gazes back at Chiru, we see the full profile of her torso. You can easily see the firmness of her midriff. There is not an iota of belly flesh hanging sideways as she lies on her side. This is an incredible thing. Most women will have a certain amount of stomach flesh bulge out or hang sideways when they are on their side. Only athletes or super fit women usually present a side profile with little overhang. Tabu’s belly is super flat and tight and you can see below that there is zero flesh coming out sideways. The only aspect visible is a slight cleft in the upper midriff that shows how fit her structure is. It is a combination of her high genes and her fitness that makes this possible.


That naughty smile again, you can also see her lovely right ear, also fused ear lobe as before.


The next scene shows a close cut view of her face, her sharp and chiseled features. Notice the long arched eyelashes and the wide bridge at the bottom of her forehead between the eye sockets. These are also uncommon traits in South India. The picture also shows her rosebud lips, in a perfect heart shape. The small dimples at the edges of her lips are a very unique feature. Her lips are large and eminently kissable. The director’s goal at this stage is to illustrate how hard the man must be finding to not be tempted by the extreme beauty and sex appeal of the woman and question how much longer he can hang on.


The last straw is a mouse that comes near Tabu making her scream and jump head on Chiru head down. The fisrt picture shows another stunning view of Tabu’s belly button as she heaves herself up from the bed. The pictures afterward show the sheer magnitude of Tabu’s body, the large torso, the big arms and the heavy back. I am sure Chiru must have felt the heft and heave and weight of her large breasts pressing against him as she did this.


The film then breaks into a song that emphasizes Tabu’s belly button above all else. There is a view of her big shapely back.





All in all, a highly recommended segment to watch for Tabu fans. See 4:45 to 6:05 in the below clip: