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Farah was a very common actress in the 80s. I say common not popular – she appeared in second tier potboilers very regularly. None of her movies were great hits as far as I remember.

However, she shared her superior genes with Tabu. The same fair complexion, sharpo features, filled out yet not fat body, rich and lustrous complexion and skin tone, flat belly, large, rounded and firm breasts, large legs with massive thighs etc. One thing even more impressive was her large, round and firm ass.

Although Tabu hardly ever revealed her thighs probably due to her embarrassment at their gargantuan size, Farah has no such reservations. She used her milky, large, firm and toned thighs to her advantage in a number of moves. Below are some examples from the movie Rakhwala and others. Farah made no qualms about being an arty farty and purely focused on raking in the popularity and roles. She acted in umpteen movies and wore both a charming, sweet girl face as well as erotic roles and songs that focused on the splendind beauty of her large, firm and curvacous body and her stunning legs and large shapely thighs.



In the above movie, Farah Naaz tempts Anil to kiss her thighs by saying she got bitten by a snake, She intentionally rolls up her saree to reveal a lovely calf and goes further to reveal breathtakingly fleshy and sculpted thighs. One can see her thighs really thicken rapidly above her calf, with tight cuts of flesh curving outwards and upwards. Her genetic predesposition of persian and other mid eastern featuesof strength and rounded suppleness shine through.

In another film, sh falls all over Amir and reveals gently her calves and thighs.

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