I read an interview of Tabu recently in the Hindu. In this interview, she speaks at length about subjects outside of the film industry, her love for travel, her anthropological interest in observing people, her need for introspection and thought, above all time for herself.

She exhibits many of the classic attributes of an introvert. Introverts generally draw their energy from their own inner selves rather than from others. Extroverts love to engage with other people and draw their energy from these interactions.

Introverts on the other hand, get increased stress levels from intense social interactions and have to find time for themselves, where they an relax, pursue their own mental interests including idle curiocity, exploring an idea or learning about something new and irrelevant. They love to return to journeys of their mind that are left unfinished, pick up the loose threads and progress a bit while not necessarily drawing to a conclusion or action.

Tabu is such an amazing artiste because she observes and reflects on the details, how people think and behave and how emotions are expressed. She likes the art of the story and intrigued by the exotic and unconventional. For Tabu, nothing is Taboo.

One cannot help but fall for such a woamn who is far from convention, full of contradictions, light hearted and buoyant, always beautiful and young. She will remain young and beautiful for long, such is the poetry and happiness in her soul.