Tabu’s belly – still flat, alive and kicking!

New breaking update that will bring cheer to Tabu fans. Tabu’s magnificent flat belly and tight button are still as supreme as ever. recently, she decided to bless her fans with some insightful pictures on the current state of her midriff. She looks even fitter, flatter, tighter and toned than ever. The curves are still lissome and smooth and her button is still as crystalline and swoopy and explicit as ever. not an iota of flesh has covered it any more than 20 years ago! Tabu is truly age defying and blessed with eternal beauty. Wish she would share the giddy joy of her body a little more often to her fan community around the world. Open each image in a new tab to get full size views. you may need to remove the size limiter at the end of the url (stop with .jpg and delete the rest to get the full impact)


If you take a close look at the above picture you can see some of the defining characteristics of Tabu’s midriff. Unlike typical North Indian builds that have hips that are slightly wider than the bust and a midriff that are narrower (either an hourglass shape or a barrel shape), Tabu has a pear shape with massive hips. However, unlike South Indian Builds that have large hips also, her midriff does not reflect sudden curves.  Her upper body connects to her wide lower body through a gentle sweeping slope that is executed by her midriff.

Where the saree wraps around her midriff, you can see that the muscle tone is still stiff and does not yield all but a minor depression tot he tightness of the saree.  The entire stomach is soft inviting and flat, with the exception of the two side stacks that form a curvy vortex leading tot he depression of the belly button. The button is crystalline, the outlying fold of tight sharp skin outlining it on the upper side very clearly set out and separate and separable from the surrounding flesh vortex. This is a defining characteristic of extremely well exercised, strong flat bellies, which are very biologically young. That Tabu can pull off such a feat at 45 shows how much she cares about her body, how well she works out, and also her gentic superiority,


t10t11Tabu at the Launch of Nizam by Nakshatra World on 30th July 2017 shown to usert13

Tabu’s deep back


Young Tabu